Ancient Aliens: Nephilim in North America

Nephilim is the Hebrew name given to giants of the Earth, believed to be a primitive species inhabiting the planet from the Middle East to North America. Mentioned in the Bible, known for their enormous height, evidence of these beings has been unearthed all over the globe, an in particular the Ohio Valley of North America. Comparative anatomy suggests an entirely difference species than our own–double rows of teeth, thick skulls, huge jawbones–and their cultural organization, religious worship, and building of great “henges” isn’t understood to this day. Are they human, a dead-end offshoot of our own species like Neanderthals, or are they an integral part of our evolutionary history? Perhaps they’re not from this planet at all, but brief visitors, never to be seen again, or only briefly seen by a select few at certain times. Alien Alien Abduction Exorcism Alien Exorcism UFO Extra Terrestrial Outerspace Close Encounters Hangar 18 Roswell Alien Crash Philadelphia Experiment Tesla Anti Gravity alien cattle mutilations abductions roswell area 51 new Mexico crash landing abduction Aliens Moon Earth Flying Shuttle Planet Predator Secret Galaxy Invasion Astronomy Launch Planets Apollo Solar Spaceship Conspiracy Discovery Sighting Disclosure Project Astronaut Orb Hubble Footage Mystery Object Contact Stars Sightings Ufo’s Space Shuttle Telescope Strange Circles System Documentary Holes Aliens Predator Lunar Craft Truth Outer Space Lights Technology Gravity Cosmos Bigfoot Sasquatch Psychopaths Maniacs Hell Raiser Apocalypse Stargate Hunger Games Defiance Game Of Thrones Dexter American Horror Asylum Serial Killer Conspiracy Planet X Ancient Astronauts Machu Picchu Puma Punku Mayan Prophecy Facebook ipad smart phone #facebook twitter cryptids zoology johnny depp Atlantis Giants Grey Aliens Gray Aliens Lizard King Reptilian 911 Illuminati Freemason Paranormal Activity abounds across the globe. Possessions, Exorcisms as well as Alien Abductions are on the rise world wide. Are we seeing the emergence of a new reality – one where strange is normal? Join experts exploring the world of the supernatural.